Happy New Year

The curtain is falling on 2016, and in a few more hours, it will be gone.  There were highs, lows, and all sorts of  in-between days.  Tomorrow’s sunrise will be the first of 2017

I wish for all a happy 2017, and fun times welcoming it, and ushering it out this time next year.  I wish for all healthy days in 2017, for all of us.

Happy New Year, 2017!




New Tools


I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I have quadrupled my hours at work (tells you how much free time I had before) so life got a bit busy.

A story I would like to share with you.  One of the new items we got this year was a new mandoline. SpecialK used it first, and cut himself.  When I first used this one, I cut my finger and my fingernail.  I found this glove,

and wore it while cutting vegetables for SpecialK’s favorite dish.  I make this for him frequently.  Actually, I make it for him any time there is a zucchini that needs to be used.

I noticed the glove caught on the mandoline several times, never snagging.  My fingers remained attached to my hand, and there was no need to stock up further in Band-Aids.

This glove was a happy thing to find.  What new things have you found or discovered that make your days easier?

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2017!


InstaPot on Sale

Remember a few weeks ago, around Thanksgiving, when I shared that we bought an Instapot?  We got the 6 quart 6-in-1, but now the 6 quart 7-in-1 is on sale.

What is the extra feature?  You can also make yogurt in this one!

No one ever knows how long an InstaPot stays on sale at Amazon, but $79 is a fair price for this model.

If you have been wanting one, now is the time.  Order here, it helps me out at no extra cost to you.

Happy Mid December to all!


Winner, The Most Unusual Breakfast Colors

Do you ever find yourself looking in the fridge and finding odd bits of leftovers?

2 cluster tomatoes were sitting on the table, a few purple potatoes were lurking around, a bit of corned beef hash remained in a container.

I started with one of the purple potatoes. I boiled it.  I am not sure why as I love them pan roasted, but for some reason today I was thinking mashed potatoes.  When they were cooked, I tasted a piece, and realized, once again, that purple potatoes often taste dry to me.  I added some Earth Balance, still tasted dry.  I was being a bit odd and didn’t want to open any previously unopened containers.  I decided to risk my day and take a spoonful of yogurt.  I added it to the potatoes, still yearning for some sour cream.

I cracked an egg into the frying pan and quickly scrambled it.  Adding the remains of the corned beef hash, I cooked it until the egg was cooked.  I added the mashed purple potato to the fry pan, flipping it over after a minute on the heat.



I took my fork to the plate, it needed something more.  Again resisting the sour cream, and bypassing my thought of salsa, I remembered the tomatoes.  I chopped one up, and added it to my plate.  Not exactly the rich creamy taste I yearned for, but a very colorful plate.


I hereby announce myself Winner of Most Unusual Breakfast Colors, in my house, for today.  Have I told you that Special K eats breakfast at work?  Every business day.

Happy Wednesday to all!



I have an old slow cooker, bought for $20 late one Saturday night online from Sears.  When I went to pick my order up, the Sears associate commented favorably on the price I paid.

When SpecialK and I got married, in April, 2014, my slow cooker made the journey cross country.  We have used it to create luscious eats, and I love that machine.  As things go, I know my slow cooker is antiquated.  I know there are programmable options.

Due to wonky ovens here, SpecialK and I considered purchasing an air fryer.  He wanted one of the larger units, and when we found one, the reviews were not good.

After seeing a fellow blogger post on FB, that the Instapot 6 Quart 6-in-1 was on sale for $59 as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sale, we discussed, and discussed it, and finally agreed to order one.  The price went down to $58 by the time I sent the info to a friend, and later that night, (Thanksgiving) the price had returned to $129.95.

The 7-in-1 unit adds the option to make yogurt.  SpecialK asked me why would I want to make yogurt?  Umm, cause homemade is healthier for us than anything we can buy?

The sale continues today, order now and you, too, can have the Instapot 6 Quart 6-in-1 for $68.95.

Order here.  We received our Instapot 6 Quart 6-in-1 Monday, and I ran the initial test.  Special K read the instruction manual last night, and we will begin using it very soon.

I jus added 5 boneless chicken breasts, frozen, with a total of 4.5 pounds. To the Instapot.  Including warm up, 30 minutes after I started, the chicken was all cooked.  I shredded chicken, chopped chicken, even sliced 2 of the breasts.  The bagging up of chicken took longer than it did to cook them.  Comparable to 4-6 hours in the slow cooker, might this save us some on electricity also?

Stay tuned, and if you have one of these 6-or more-all in one units, what are your favorite things to cook in it?  Please share back your ‘go to’recipes.  I am on a steep learning curve.



Books! With pages…

Certainly if you are old enough to read my blog, you must remember what books are? There are pages to turn, and when you read  one page after another, in order,  a story unfolds.

There is a lady who writes a great blog, named Jessica Espinoza.  Her blog is at Delicious Obsessions.  First off, bookmark her page.  I love reading her posts.  Then read the blog post she posted earlier today.

$10 off $25 for Amazon books.

Your Welcome!



Thanksgiving, part 2

We happily join friends for Thanksgiving, and since he is gluten/dairy/soy free, we make stuffing each year when we join them.  This year I found a recipe in Eating Well magazine that I wanted to try.  I baked 2 loaves of bread, and SpecialK took over from there.

We brought 3/4 of the stuffing we made for the Thanksgiving meal, and put 1/4 in a dish in our fridge.

I have been holding back on sharing this, but look what I found at Sprouts, in the clearance section.  If I had known they carried this product I would have paid full price! I found one can in clearance and I grabbed it quickly!


So, if you know us, you know what we had to make.  String bean casserole!  Four cans of French style string beans, a can of Progresso Cream of Mushroom Soup (gluten free, from their Vegetarian Classics line) and we were ready.

I can honestly say that I loved eating a few from the can, but I might just be over string bean casserole.  It’s almost sad, but I have lots more waiting to be eaten.

For our Friday evening Thanksgiving leftovers, SpecialK cooked a turkey breast.  He used a cranberry compound butter I had made to coat the turkey, under the skin and on top of the skin.  He cooked a moist turkey breast.  Thanks SpecialK!

I also cooked up some quick cranberry sauce, as I knew we weren’t going to make gravy.


This was my plate.  SpecialK wanted some sweet potato too, so he baked one up to have with his dinner. For me, the green bean casserole in the upper right, stuffing lower right and turkey with cranberry sauce on the left of my plate, was plenty of food.

Unfortunately, I have been baking breads with (home ground) brown rice flour and sorghum flour, and my body is now reacting to sorghum as it previously had to wheat. For future flour blends, I will grind up oat groats and use brown rice flour and oat flour as my inhouse flour blend.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  Do you like leftovers as much as we do?


Purple Potato Hash

What would you do with purple potatoes?  I bought them because they were on sale, and I thought to make purple potato chips.




As most things go, those potato chips were not yet made.  Sunday morning, I decided to dice one of these potatoes.  We usually have huge onions here, so I chopped up a shallot, and added both to the fry pan.  The pieces were rather small, so it didn’t take too long, perhaps 15-20 minutes. I seasoned with salt and pepper, seasoned salt and some onion powder.  Once the potatoes were soft, I added two eggs to the pan, and scrambled them into the potato mixture.  As a last minute decision, I added a slice of light Cheddar cheese and waited for it to melt.  I added an apple to my plate, and my breakfast was served.

*If you have onions that are smaller than the size of your hands, you could easily use a chopped onion, or 1/2 of said onion instead of the shallot.

*Love bell peppers, or any other peppers?  Dice them up and add to the potatoes when adding onion or shallot.  Leftover asparagus would go well, or even chopped up broccoli or cauliflower.

*Dairy free?  Skip the cheese or use your favorite replacement cheese instead

*Change the number of eggs?  Sure, you can do that!  Leave out one or both egg yolks, or add another and share with someone.

*Don’t forget the seasoned salt!  I can’t think of another dish I use it in, but it is a must for hash browned potatoes on my plate.

*I took these pictures, yet a quick look had me thinking it looked like black beans and eggs.  You know what, you could do that!

New Baking and Soup

Hey there,

Yes, you!  Stop by for some coffee and biscotti?  Almond Biscotti, using a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen “How Can It Be Gluten Free, Volume 2”.

I have now made them 3 times in 3 days.  The first time I made them, I used Xylitol.  While they were good, we got that strong aftertaste that can happen when using a large amount of it.  1 Cup is too much.

New rule for baking here:  All recipes requiring 1/2 Cup or less sugar, we use Xylitol.  If I actually bake a recipe requiring up to 1 Cup of sugar, we use 1/2 the amount of maple syrup.  Any recipe requiring more than 1 Cup of sugar can be replaced with one needing less.

Almond Biscotti from ATK

If this makes sense and you are wondering why I had to bake more, well, SpecialK really likes them.  There are a dozen left from yesterday’s baking.  I might have eaten a few.  Anyhow, he has to take a 15 hour class this weekend and I had suggested he could have these to take with him.  The whole grains are healthier than potato chips.  I suggested he take one or two to have with coffee in the morning; today he took 4.

Since we have a few days to go until that class, I am not sure any will remain from yesterday’s baking.  Yesterday, I got 24 from the batch, today only 18.  I must work on my knife skills!

We do eat vegetables here, although sometimes they hang around, and around.

So what would you do with a butternut squash that had been hanging out for a while?  I found this recipe, and soup was made.

Butternut Squash Soup

While SpecialK is in class, I will be playing with friends.  What are your plans for this time changing weekend?