Fruit on the Bottom

Who else remembers Dannon’s big yogurt campaign, Fruit on the Bottom?

It’s not just a good idea for yogurt. Cereal, whichever flake you like, tastes crispy.


I can’t believe I was today’s year old before I figured that out!  If you put fruit on the bottom, pour milk in on a side, the flakes stay crispy, while you put the milk back in the fridge.

Facepalm.  🤭


What’s your favorite fruit to add to cereal?


Taste Test – Walmart gluten free Macaroni and Cheese

For Macaroni and Cheese, I particularly like Annie’s gluten free shells and white cheddar.  When I saw that Walmart had their own version, for half the price, I knew I wanted to try it.


Doesn’t that look good and cheesy?

I boiled water, added pasta, so far so good.

I put in a good sized chunk of our version of butter, and added a good glug of milk.

Here’s where I started to think unwell of my choice to purchase.


The color was not so much orange, but rather pink.

i stirred it in.


It looks more cheesy here than it did in my bowl.

I had a serving. The cheese flavor was missing.  I added some cottage cheese. (Don’t judge).

i poured the rest into a container and placed it in the fridge.

SpecialK came home and tasted it.  His comment was that I added too much milk.  He didn’t want to eat it.

I ended up finishing it off, after rinsing off whatever sauce there was.

Walmart, you did well on the pasta.  White rice flour, Brown Rice Flour, Corn Flour, and Quinoa flour, all contributed to pasta that held up, and had a decent taste.

The cheese sauce needs more flavor!  Perhaps more of the color orange?

I’m back to Annie’s shells and white cheddar.  What have you tried recently?

Labor Day Weekend, 2019

Our Labor Day Weekend was the perfect ending to a crazy summer.

We left home on Saturday, driving up to Shelburne Falls to visit The Bridge of Flowers. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, so big will post a few of my favorite pictures.  You may notice I like to get up close and personal with the flowers.


From Shelburne Falls, we drove up into VT.

We started our day on Sunday by hiking into Quechee Gorge.


It was a visually delightful walk.  After, we have headed to the King Arthur Store, where we looked at everything and bought nothing.

From there, we drove home.  Monday afternoon was a rainy kind of day.  We went to the movies, to see Blinded By The Light.  We both enjoyed.

Isnt it still summer?

Sewing Days

After spending big money for alterations, repeatedly, I finally decided I needed to learn how to sew.  I sat down yesterday, in front of the appropriate machine, and with my nerves floating around everywhere, I completed my first sewing project.

I had a houseguest Monday night.  She noticed the large trashbags that SpecialK had unceremoniously dumped on our bedroom floor.  Contents of the trashbags were gifted to me by a very nice lady who was cleaning out her sewing room.  I gave my guest her choice of materials, and while she was picking out her favorites, I asked her for a first and second choice.

I advised my houseguest that I was growing a list of projects, and that the first thing that I was going to do was make a bookmark from an appropriate sized piece of material.

When it was time to sit and sew, the piece of material that was to become a bookmark was no where to be seen.  So I made an instant decision, and made a hair scrunchie for said guest.  Then I sat down, and made another.

The angle of the pictures are different, but in truth, the white lace one on the right, is larger.  No concerns, Rachel needs a large hair scrunchie, for her thick hair.

Do you sew?  What are some of your favorite things to sew?

Summer, 2019

Kids are heading back to school.  Does that mean summer is over?

A friend told me yesterday, that it is dark at 8:15 pm.  To her, that means summer is over.

I know that summer isn’t over until September.  Living in New England, when temperatures drop from the 90’s into the 60’s, that’s when I feel summer is over.

Our summer was filled with travel. Weddings, trips, busy.

The first event for this summer, the first weekend in June, was the marriage of SpecialK’s son. Aren’t they a good looking couple?


Next up was July’s adventure.  We left home on July 4th and headed to Boston.  Early the next morning, SpecialK’s son dropped off his sons ( aka “The Grandsons”).

We headed west with these two lads, only stopping once we got to AZ.


After a week full of non stop activities, we returned these two to their parents.

We returned home, for 2 1/2 weeks, before heading out again.

The first weekend in August found us traveling again, this time to CO. We went west again for SpecialK’s nephews wedding, Here’s a picture of us with the newlyweds.


I am happily home, and expect to stay here for a while.  ‘Til our next journey!

Which trip would you like to have joined us?

Why I will never buy another cookbook



In a simple term, the internet.  But more importantly, as we age, our diets become more restrictive.

SpecialK had to go see a nutritionist.  All those fats the he wanted to consume?  No.  Sugar is a no for me. We both eat gluten free. I have been eating gluten free for a decade!

Coconut is high in saturated fats.  No, for both of us. The list goes on.

From any cookbook out there, there will be one or two that have recipes I might make. The price per recipe is prohibitive!

So, how do I find new ideas for us?  My Pinterest boards overflow. I look at recipes every day, on Facebook, by email, on Pinterest some days.

So of you want to see what might be next on our plates, Pinterest is my cookbook of “things to try”.  When I find something online that we like, I print it off and add it to my binder.

What’s  your latest culinary fix?


What I ate for breakfast, July 2019

I often will alternate eggs and a different protein, to stick with my egg limit for the week.

When I am looking for a richer egg, I fry it.  Somehow, it tastes richer to me than my old standby, scrambled eggs.

I have choices for what to put under my eggs, toast, hash browns, or retried beans.  I even when so far as to change my berry.


This day, was a fried egg over retried beans, with a side of raspberries.  Makes me think of doing the same tomorrow.

Whats your go to breakfast?

Why we should all read generics carefully

I got sick a week and a half ago.  I went to the doctor and she advised me to get some cough medicine.  As I was about to pass a CVS, I decided to stop there and get some.

Being frugal, I decided to get the generic.  Imagine my surprise when I read the ingredients list.


Did you see it?  Generics for Robitussin DM have high fructose corn syrup!  BTW, it is not just CVS’ generic, Walmart’s generic has high fructose corn syrup, too!

I did go to Walmart to buy more cough syrup, which is how I know they add they add the same evil ingredient to their generic cough syrup.   This led me to buy the name brand.

Even alternatives to Crystal Light (generics) have a different evil ingredient.


In case you didn’t see it, generics for Crystal Light have propylene glycol in them.

I’m not suggesting anyone boycott these products, but being an educated consumer is never wrong.

Do you read product labels?  What have you found that I should add to this list?