Apple Onion Celery Cheddar Salad


I am not a salad freak, but we have been eating more salads.  Why?  The temps in Los Angeles have been in the 80’s for over a week!  Hello, calendar?  It’s February!

My husband likes salads, but lettuce, tomato and onion on a plate, while enjoyable, is not exciting.

I have been playing with my new tool (Affiliate Link),  Briefton’s 5 Blade Spiralizer.

Between my Briefton’s 5 Blade Spiralizer, and my (Affiliate Link), OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer, no vegetable or piece of fruit is safe.

I start with an apple, in this case, a Braeburn Apple.  We check our local store when we need more apples, to see what is on sale.  Braeburn Apples won last week.

Using my Briefton’s 5 Blade Spiralizer, I noodle the apple.  This handy machine even cores the apple for me.  I wash the apple, pull out the stem, and load it onto the machine.  I spin that apple into ribbons, which are the first layer of this salad.


Apple Shredded

Then, I run half an onion across the mandoline.  I often start with a whole onion, and keep swiping it down over the blade until I only have 1/2 left.  This is the middle layer of the salad.

For the next layer, I clean off two stalks of celery.  I de-string them as much as possible, then swipe them down over the blade of the mandoline, until only the leaves remain.

The apple on the bottom, then onion, topped with celery.

Finally, I take two slices of Trader Joe’s Light Cheddar Cheese, and make matchsticks of them with my paring knife.

Salt and pepper over the top, then add the dressing:

2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup

1/4 Cup of apple cider vinegar.

Put a lid on your dish, and shake it to coat all.

My husband says this is his version of Cole Slaw.  He eats it often.  Next time, he has asked that I add a thinly sliced red pepper.

Update:  I made him a double salad yesterday, one apple, 4 stalks of celery, one onion and one red pepper.

Apple Shredded
I spiraled an apple.
The vegetables, with the mandoline that carved them. 
Vegetables Shredded
The rest of the veggies, ready to go.
Salt and pepper added.
I love the layered look.

I added the dressing, same quantity as before, made sure the top for the container snapped shut, and shook it around for a minute.  SpecialK returned from a business trip last evening, and the salad has left the fridge.  Hmmm


Affiliate links allow me to continue posting, hopefully for many years to come.  Please click the links, then buy the spiralizer or the mandoline.  It will helps us all!







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