Keeping greens

I figured out my meal plan for the week, then SpecialK tells me he had a big lunch at work, no dinner that evening.  What happens when you bought fresh vegetables, and now that menu plan is scrapped?

I learned a few tricks along the way, and decided to share them here.  Asparagus, green onions, how do you store them?  How long do they last?

A water glass can be a great solution.

I had to take the bottom elastic off this group of asparagus, to fit it into the water glass.  In the middle picture, you can see the water level in the glass.  Finally, cover the asparagus with the plastic bag you used to bring them home.  Store in your fridge.  I recommend the top shelf, but that may be just in mine.

The asparagus got cooked 8 days later than intended.  The tips were fresh, no slimy texture like you find on forgotten in the produce drawer asparagus.

Green onions got the same treatment.  They can last a month.

Zucchini and cucumbers get treated just a bit differently.

Wrap your zucchini and cucumbers in a paper towel, which will absorb any moisture.  You can place several in a bag, each covered in a paper towel.

This is one way we save money in our home, by using all the produce we buy.  I believe you know what I do with my zucchini.

What tricks do you know to keep your food fresh?

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