Butternut Squash

Do you like Butternut Squash?  How do you like it prepared the best?

Growing up, my Mom served mashed butternut squash in her vegetable rotation.  To her credit, she added ground cinnamon to her squash.  To this day, I think of Mom whenever I see, or even think of, mashed butternut squash.

The interesting thing here is that I do not like mashed butternut squash.  I thought this meant I didn’t care for this squash at all.  This thought lasted for many years

SpecialK and I decided we needed to eat more vegetables.  Do you know vegetables taste different when roasted?  Now, I will eat butternut squash!

Roasting butternut squash was our any day way to prepare butternut squash, until I got my Spiralizer.  I learned how to do this the same way you figure things out, I searched online. I learned that I had unknowingly bought the right shape, a long neck and a short bulb.

I cut my squash just above the bulb, and peeled the long neck.  I attached it to my Spiralizer, and let the ribbons fall.

I collected the fallen strands, seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, cinnamon and parmigiana cheese.  I wasn’t done yet.  There was still the bulb of the squash to consider.  I split it in half, cleaned out the seeds and strands, and pondered what I was going to do.



That funny looking squash rod was the piece of squash that came through the core section of the Spiralizer.  These prices were seasoned the same, olive oil, salt, pepper and cinnamon.  I baked these alongside the strands of squash pictured above

The strands of the squash were absolutely delicious.  Yes, I said that.  Delicious, as in, I want to make again, soon.

Into the split bulb, I packed the squash strands.  I wasn’t sure the bulbs were fully cooked, so I sprinkled the top with more parmigiana before returning it to the oven for additional cooking time.


I gave the larger price to Special K, and I ate the entire piece on my plate.  It was that good.




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