New name

In thinking about the name of this blog,  our journey in this life is not just mine, but rather one I share with SpecialK.

I got my six months blood work results, and they were good.  My A1C went down, and so did my cholesterol.  Low carb eating has something going for it, and I am now a believer.  When I began eating low carb, SpecialK told me he didn’t want me to make separate meals, I was to make one meal that we would share for dinner.  Following the rules given to me by my nutritionist, I created meals that are now new favorites.

The journey through low carb has been shared by SpecialK, and therefore it is not “My Gluten and Sugar Free Life”, but ours.  In thinking about a name for this blog, there is a piece of our relationship that is not well known.  We both grew up in the same small town, Natick, west of Boston, Massachusetts.  We went to the same schools, same places, just not at the same time.

Without further fanfare, we are Two from Natick (Live Healthy).  The URL has changed, and our journey will continue.

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