Gluten Free Expo

We went to the Gluten-Free Expo today, and we were each given a full bag of goodies are registration.  In our hour 45 minutes at the Expo, I was overcarbed.

After the Expo, we shopped, Costco and Walmart.  We haven’t been to a Walmart since they closed the Neighborhood Mart on Cesar Chavez in downtown Los Angeles.

We came home, and as is our usual, Special K lugs heavy items, and I carry up lighter items.  I then unload our purchases and put them away.

We then sat down for our ‘Halloween’ sorting of goodies.  One bag for us, one bag for SpecialK, one bag for me, and one bag for D.  D is a neighbor who recently gave up gluten, dairy and soy from his diet.

D’s goodie bag from our visit to the Gluten-Free Expo.

This was the bag we are giving to D.  Since this picture was taken, we added two bags of Milton’s Himalayan Salt Baked Chips.

The next picture was SpecialK’s bag, that he decided to take to work.  My bag?  I used  a bag from Walmart, and tossed in the bags of Lays Potato Chips, Fritos, and a few other goodies that my low carb self decided I could have.

Special K’s bag, to snack on at work.


We went to this expo two years ago, right after I moved to CA.  Going back today was fun, as I got to meet new companies, with new products that I could eat.  One was a quinoa and rice pasta company, Living Now gluten-free.  They had no samples to take home, and we waited several minutes for on-site samples to be ready.  Their product is good, but so is the quinoa and brown rice pasta I buy from Trader Joe’s.

Will I go ever go again to the Gluten-Free Expo?  Never say never?  We have decided to have a processed free food home.  Bringing processed food into our home feels odd.  But sugar free and low carb foods don’t just magically appear.  Bread and crackers, that I can eat don’t just magically appear, and I can’t make them as well as the factories.  So we will continue to buy those, and some sugar free jams.  I can hear you, they are processed foods!  I know, but the line is drawn in the sand.

Cheesy Cheerio’s T-Shirt.  You spin a wheel, alternating colors of black and yellow.  If you landed on a yellow stripe, you got a T-shirt, and if you landed on a black stripe, you got a T-shirt.  If you see someone walking down the street in a Cheerio’s yellow T-shirt, it might just be SpecialK or I.  Please stop us and say “Hi”.


Have you ever been to a Gluten Free Expo?

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