Copycat Brussel Sprouts

Do you like Groupon?  I think it allows us to learn of places we might not have found otherwise, but Special K doesn’t like it.

One restaurant Groupon that I bought was to The Enterprise Fish Co., in Santa Monica, CA.  An appetizer  on their menu caught Special K’s attention, and he decided we should try it.  The  appetizer, Crispy Brussel Sprouts, was good enough to recreate it at home.

You will need some Brussel Sprouts, to begin.  First step, rinse them off.


Then, I chop off the end and peel off the outside leaves (and I keep peeling until there are no brown marks on any of the leaves).

For a reason unknown to Special K or I, he gets to fry them.  Every time.  I edged my way in to take a quick pick of the sprouts boiling away, in grape seed oil.  He salted and peppered them while in the oil.


When the outside leaves start looking golden, you should take them off the heat.  Special K loaded them into a paper towel lined bowl.  He made sure excess oil was blotted off, then threw away the paper towels.  Add a small amount of balsamic vinegar, and toss to coat.  This is not a time to drown your greens.  He put 1/2 of each in a bowl.  My job was to add Feta Cheese (only low fat Feta here, thanks Trader Joe’s), and chives.  The original dish had green onions, but when you are growing chives, you use chives.

This was dinner!  Only this time, we both needed a snack that night, so maybe it was not enough for dinner.

Have you ever had a restaurant dish that you had to come home and replicate?



Brussel Sprouts (more for dinner plates than for appetizers.

Grape Seed Oil, for frying


Freshly Ground Pepper

1 0z (or so) Feta Cheese per person, or 2-3 oz as we used above, for 2 servings

Chives, or Green Onions, cut into small pieces.


Rinse and peel the Brussel Sprouts.  Cut in 1/2.

Fry the Brussel Sprouts until outside leaves are golden.  If they turn dark brown, you are close to burning them.

Salt and pepper once in oil.

Drain the Brussel Sprouts, and coat lightly in Balsamic Vinegar.

Top with diced feta cheese, or feta cheese crumbles, and chives or green onions.  Pick up fork, and enjoy!


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