Lemon Parmigiana Zucchini, with walnuts and raisins

If you have been reading this site for a while, you have realized we are eating many more vegetables these days.  We are always looking for new ways to prepare them,although I will confess to repeating certain vegetables over and over again.  Butternut Squash is just one example.  Special K even asked me to make and serve in the butternut cups one night for company.

Zucchini noodles (or ‘Zoodles’) are no longer the hot new thing.  People have been posting about them since the beginning of spiralizers, I even posted about zucchini noodles on an early post.

Zucchini is a vegetable we will both eat, so I continue to make it as a main course or a side dish.  I am always looking for new ideas.  The inspiration for today comes from Real Simple, although I didn’t want pasta today.

I start by actually washing off the zucchini.  I bought this at a local Sprouts Farmers Market.  Knowing that they care about what gets their produce doesn’t stop me from washing it off.  I wash it, chop off the ends, and spiralize this vegetable.  If you have read earlier posts, we don’t love it raw, so I always cook these noodles.  It takes just a few minutes to cook them, that it hardly seems like I am really ‘cooking’ something.

Into my fry pan, over medium high heat, I start by toasting walnuts.  Full walnut halves are too big, so I break them up into pieces, or you could chop them to your desired size.  Pecans also work well here.

Once the walnuts are toasted, when that warm walnut smells starts reaching your nose, take them off the heat.  Place the walnuts into a bowl, and set aside.

Now, into the same pan, put a tablespoon of oil, imageand heat for a moment.  You want to hear the sizzle when the zucchini hits the pan.



Add the zucchini, stir/flip it over so all pieces hit the pan, and add a teaspoon (or more!) of chopped garlic.  image

Cook those down together.

Juice half a lemon, and you could zest it too if you were so inspired.  Add the lemon juice to the zucchini, image

and add your raisins.  Add the walnuts back into the pan, and stir until all pieces are warm.

Pour onto a plate or into a bowl. Add parmigiana cheese to your taste.

Voila!  This is now my lunch.


  • Can’t have garlic, don’t like raisins, can’t stand walnuts?  I have made this with pecans, left out the raisins once and love garlic more sometimes than others.  I find that leaving out the raisins diminishes this dish, switching the nut has no deleterious effect. I am not sure how it would taste minus the garlic, but I think it would be worth trying.
  • The round pieces of zucchini and the rod looking pieces are the excess from my spiralizer.  I chop them up and cook them with the rest of the zucchini.



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