Emergency Food

What do you carry for “I need to eat” in emergencies?  What do you carry for those days when your body needs something edible to process?

Once upon a time, in a time and space that are but a memory, my health conscious mother allowed us Pop-Tarts for breakfast. I know, they are now proclaimed one of the worst foods ever, Pop-Tarts are now evil.

Going back to once upon a time, I moved out of that time and space, and bought Pop Tarts to carry in my pocketbook in case of food emergency. I am now aware that the 2 in a pack were 2 servings, but who are we kidding? Open that pack, and both pastries were gone, sometimes consumed broken off in pieces, one after another.

Around 2009, I was in my car almost every day for my sales position. It got so bad at one point, that I felt I needed a seat belt to eat, as breakfast and lunch were often consumed that way!

That was also the year that I knew I had to begin eating gluten free. Many years previously I had undergone muscle testing. No wheat, sugar or MSG. The time had come, with three internal infections, to face my future, without gluten.

Fruit strips became my ‘carrying food’. I particularly loved Trader Joe’s version. Without a Trader Joe’s nearby, I would buy them wherever I saw them.

Another year later, my A1C was marching straight into the danger zone, pre-diabetes. Now, it was time to ‘adios’ to sugar. (Doesn’t it figure that sugar is now disastrous to our bodies?)

So off I went, trying every gluten free sugar free ‘bar’ I could find. Through trial and dollars wasted, I settled on Quest bars. Now that I also have to eat low carb, they are still my first choice for ‘bar’ food; food that I can carry in my pocketbook in case I missed a meal and am feeling the need for something to eat.

As a side note, it was much harder giving up sugar than gluten.

Over the years, there have been fluctuations in my flavor choice, but Cinnamon Roll is my ‘always have’ choice. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough edged it way in, but is back to 2nd choice. Each has net 4 grams of carbohydrates, and 14 grams of fiber, with 20 grams of protein for the Cinnamon Roll bars, and 21 grams of protein for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars.

I just got another shipment of Quest bars, free shipping and they added a free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar. This shipment is why I ask the following question. What do you carry for those “I need food” moments that we all have?



Wishing all of my readers a happy weekend!

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