Sunday to Saturday

Last Sunday was Father’s Day.  I am not the first wife, and we have no children together.  Yet, I felt the need to acknowledge the day.  So I gave him this T-shirt, image

and a card that read, ‘It’s a good thing you married me, or I’d be bugging someone else right now.

We got an offer for a free Father’s Day breakfast at Cafe 50’s, so that’s where we started our day.

In case you haven’t read this already, I love Sprouts Farmer Market.  We usually get our fish there, and last week, they had sea scallops.  I grew up eating Sea Scallops, and rarely have them.

I was concerned about how to cook scallops, I forgot how I cooked them years ago.  Back to my computer I went, and I found this ‘not recipe’ on  Using this not recipe, dinner was scallops, brown jasmine rice, and balsamic dressed butter lettuce.

This week was just like all other weeks, a little bit crazy, quite a bit busy.  We ordered a NutriMill Classic Grain Mill.  SpecialK bought some white rice, which you have to run through first time, to clean out manufacturing dust.  You must know by now that we only eat brown rice here.  We ordered some oat groats, as that is the only type of oats you can grind in this grain mill.  SpecialK was afraid if I used the ‘grind’ button on my blender, or used the food processor, to grind rolled oats, I would burn those machines out.  Who was I to argue?

So a few days back, I decided to run some of the oat groats through the grain mill.  Now we have oat flour, and SpecialK stated his desire for oat bread.  I found a honey oat bread recipe online, and offered that as the recipe I would use.  Days got busy, and it was now Saturday morning.  SpecialK decided to have eggs over garlic toast,  using some of the French Bread recipe I had made for him this week, the recipe can be found in Gluten Free on a Shoestring’s first book.  I decided to make waffles, and we flipped through my collection of saved recipes on Pinterest.  I found this recipe, and we decided to try it.  This recipe is a keeper!  Are you on Pinterest, and are you following any of my boards?

To end of this week, I wanted to use up some of the tzatziki sauce I had bought.  Tonight we had Greek Chicken Kabobs.  Grilled pieces of chicken breast skewered with pieces of sweet onion, and grape tomatoes.  They were marinated in extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and our favorite Greek Seasoning,  Konriko’s.

I wanted to play with our waffle iron a bit more, so I boiled up some little red potatoes.  I smashed them in the waffle maker.  I served the Greek Chicken skewers over the smashed potatoes.

That was our week that was, tomorrow we are off to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.

What will you do now that Mother Nature returned summer to us?

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