Preparing for Beach Week

Beach Week is upon us.  Off we go, into the wild blue yonder.  Across the country actually, to a home we rented through Airbnb, very close to the Atlantic Ocean.  Minutes to the ocean, walking time, according to our hosts.

I had four lemons, that we bought at the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood.


I knew what I wanted to make, which was sugar free lemon curd.  The recipe I used was Ibreatheimhungry’s Sugar Free Lemon Curd.

I am absolutely in love with this lemon curd, and could, just like Melissa Sevigny, eat this with a spoon.  Only the better part of restraint keeps me from finding a deep spoon and digging in.

As much as I love my friends and family on the east coast, I know I have something to look forward to upon my return.

The 2 lemons I used to make this recipe didn’t make a lot, but it is that good.  I have an idea what I am going to do with this once I return, but I am not sharing that secret yet.  I have to make sure my idea works first.

I will be making salad to take with me for our flight tomorrow, as we leave early morning Pacific time, and arrive late afternoon Atlantic time.

I hope to post again from the beach, but forgive me if i don’t.  I will be back after beach week, ready to make a mess in the kitchen, with lemon curd.

Where is your go to place for vacation?  Are you a beach seeker, a mountain climber or is somewhere else the place of your dreams?

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