Beach Week Report 2016


Yes, we have returned from our beach trip.  In fact, we returned last week, and I have no idea where last week went awry.  I had high hopes of sharing some pics, but better late than never?

We once again returned to Cape Ann, as we did last year.  This year we again rented a home, via Airbnb.  With a 3 minute walk, we were at the rather small Old Garden Beach, and the Atlantic Ocean.  I love the Atlantic Ocean!

We landed in the house on Saturday, and saw all of SpecialK’s kids on Sunday.  Friends of mine brought my aunt, and we wandered with them to the town center.   The week was then ours!  Monday and Tuesday we explored the local area, discovering the Hedlands path, and several others.  We walked down Bearskin Neck and walked out on the rocks.

Wednesday morning we walked to Pelican Cove, Halibut State Park.  It was a long walk, but we got there, wandered around, then headed back to our home base.  In the afternoon, we spent time with Special K’s oldest child, with his wife and the grandsons.

Thursday morning we dared to try the hike from Town Center to Good Harbor Beach, to walk the stones to Crane’s beach.  We took a few questionable turns, and at the fork in the road, we turned back again to our home base.  In the afternoon, we could be found on at Old Garden Beach.

On Friday we decided to treat ourselves to a beach day.  We started the day at Front Beach, where the ducks walked right up to our feet.  We were told these were pampered ducks, accustomed to being fed, they weren’t shy about walking right up to people.

When the parking meter for Front Beach expired, we returned to Old Garden Beach.

Here are some more pictures of the sites and signs we captured during our week.


Saturday morning, we awoke early, headed back into town, back out on the rocks.  We returned, showered, and packed our bags.  It was departure time, and we headed off the Cape.  We saw some of our family and spent the night with friends.


Sunday morning came too quickly, and we boarded a plane to return to Los Angeles.

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