Pity Party

We have all had those weeks, where the setbacks keep hitting.  Last week was one of those for me.  While chatting with my nutritionist, she suggested that I google amaranth to see if it would mess up my thyroid like millet could.  I am almost sorry I asked, as I have never done too much research about my Graves Disease diagnosis previously.

When I was diagnosed, the doctor handed me a book, asked me for $5.75, and requested that I not only read chapter 4 in its entirety, but make a decision as to which treatment I was requesting, by tomorrow’s appointment.  Is this the part where I profess to being older than I look?

Now there is  a list of foods that I can only eat cooked, and in moderation.  Moderation?  Is that why, in previous years, I downsized from gallons to half gallons to pints of ice cream, as I found myself eating 1/2 of whatever container I opened?  Is that moderation?

Goodbye strawberries, peaches and pears.  Goodbye coleslaw that I ate for breakfast.  Hello additional restrictions.


To add to that injury, I also learned last week that I have lactose challenges.  Some days, I react poorly to skim milk, other days I am fine.  So far no other dairy products have joined that bandwagon, but I have many days ahead to face the music.

To say I held a pity party is only a small understatement.  I served tortilla chips, the old stand-by of pity parties past.  But only a handful this time, can’t have too many carbs.  As I stuffed that handful in my mouth, I reminded myself of my mantra, “What can I make with what I can eat?”

Parmesan asparagus was made, that we had with burgers and fried onions, with balsamic ketchup.  I made the whole batch of asparagus, knowing we would only eat 1/2.

I took the remaining asparagus, added them to a small casserole dish, with more of Special K’s fried onions, the plum tomato that was starting to fade, and Trader Joe’s Mushroom Medley, about 1/2 of the bag.  6 eggs, beaten, were then added.  I topped it off with 3 pieces of Trader Joe’s Light sliced Cheddar Cheese.  I preheated the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, SpecialK put said frittata in the oven, and took it out again after a while.  Now here’s the pitiful part, I forgot to take a picture!

One of the things I love about having a collection of smaller casserole dishes, is that I could make a deep frittata that became 4 servings.  We didn’t need to eat it for a week straight.

What do you put in frittatas?  What do you do with leftover vegetables?



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