Leftover dinner


Now that the Pity Party is over, it’s back to the kitchen.  We buy 96% lean ground beef in 2 pound packages, and I needed a pound and a half to test a recipe for a new cookbook.  I took the other 1/2 pound, and cooked it up with some chopped onion.

Perusing my saved pins on Pinterest, I looked for a new dinner idea.  I decided on a pizza casserole, but had to switch too many ingredients.  I took the remaining cooked beef, mixed it with some pasta sauce, and topped it with some Parmesan and part skim mozzarella cheeses.  I used one of our tiniest casserole dishes 6 inches x 3, almost the length of a dinner fork.

We had some leftover rice that we had also made for a recipe test, and I offered SpecialK salad.  He wasn’t overly hungry, and he passed on both.  The funniest part of this dinner, was that we had leftovers.

Are you using Pinterest?  I am SueWaldKatz on Pinterest,  and I started saving recipes there before I incurred all of my current eating limitations.

I now keep some recipes that I can never make as written.  I have substitutions embossed on my brain.  No butter = Earth Balance.  No coconut oil = light Olive oil.  Where have I gotten stumped?  I believe I am going to try oat bran for coconut flour. If you are noticing the no coconut theme, you are correct.  Coconut is too high in saturated fat. I can’t use any starches, so the usual gluten free blend of 40% high protein, 60% starch is not an option.  I will have to create a flour mix that I can use, then hope it works.  If I find one, I promise to share it here.  If you have a question about anything I pinned, ask me.

Today, I made 3 pizzas, after making one on Wednesday.  I have tried almond flour, almond and oat, unseasoned oat flour, and seasoned oat flour, in the past 3 days.  The last was passable, but I have another recipe or two to try.  As SpecialK said, I will just have to keep trying.   Stay tuned.

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