Pho, by himself

I haven’t been eating very much, as I want to make sure my blood test shows up nicely.  I wasn’t eating well enough, and the days to those darn tests are grtting closer and closer.

SpecialK has an infinity for Pho.  He also had 2 packages of rice noodles that were threatened with demolition if not consumed.  One package remains.

Just as an aside, I couldn’t possibly thank SpecialK enough for supporting me on this crazy ride.  He decided to become gluten free so we could have a gluten free kitchen, then realized his migraines diminished.  I stocked up on white rice flour blends, then had to give them away when I needed to eat low carb.  The last remnants of white rice, other than the stash we bought to clean the grain mill, is his box of white rice noodles.  Maybe there are a few boxes of gluten free egg noodles here too.

I digress.  There is a grocery store around here that gives away groceries each week.  This week was 1/2 pound of their home roasted meats, basically roast beef or turkey.  I trundled right up there, and got SpecialK a half pound of roast beef.

He began making his Pho.  First he sliced up 1/2 of a large onion.  He softened that in some sesame oil.  When that was soft, he rummaged through the fridge and added (all gluten free) beef broth, fish sauce, teriyaki sauce, and some ground coriander.


Once seasoned to his delight, he cut some roast beef into strips, added 2 handfuls of bean sprouts, mixed them in and called it dinner.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe for this.  He made it up as he cooked.  It smelled like dirt to me, and while I was thanked for my opinion, it was politely suggested I walk away from the soup pot.

I had a few spoonfuls of said Pho, and suggested I might like it better with chicken. “That’s possible”, I was told.

Do you have a favorite Pho recipe?  Beef or chicken, we will look at all.



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