Solution Found?

I bought 2 ‘new for me’ cookbooks recently.  The Joy of Gluten Free Sugar Free Baking and Gluten Free Artisanal Bread in Five Minutes A Day.

I borrowed each from the library, as I usually do before buying any new gluten frecookbooks.  As I already have baked extensively with almond flour, the first book looked appealing.  The second book, with all purpose flour blends that are 75% and 100% whole grains appears to be a winner, although “the proof is in the pudding”.

I have received the first book, and now am left anxiously awaiting the second.  I know what you are thinking, ‘Patience, grasshopper, patience’.

So, while waiting for a cookbook I am greatly anticipating, I was looking at my texts with a friend from years ago, and saw that I had sent her a text about making Quinoa Crispies. This is the info I sent her, from  Watch the video, I think I watched it 3 times, to make sure I knew exactly what to do.  Then, I just did it!


I also tried popping amaranth today.  No picture, who needs to see little popped seeds, surrounded by many burnt ones?  Turns out, they didn’t pop on contact.

This was also the week that I began a new part time position, as a kitchen assistant at a newly opened Sur La Table.  Temptation around every corner!

Did you do anything different this week?

I have an idea what to do with my Quinoa Crispies.  Stay tuned!


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