Winner, The Most Unusual Breakfast Colors

Do you ever find yourself looking in the fridge and finding odd bits of leftovers?

2 cluster tomatoes were sitting on the table, a few purple potatoes were lurking around, a bit of corned beef hash remained in a container.

I started with one of the purple potatoes. I boiled it.  I am not sure why as I love them pan roasted, but for some reason today I was thinking mashed potatoes.  When they were cooked, I tasted a piece, and realized, once again, that purple potatoes often taste dry to me.  I added some Earth Balance, still tasted dry.  I was being a bit odd and didn’t want to open any previously unopened containers.  I decided to risk my day and take a spoonful of yogurt.  I added it to the potatoes, still yearning for some sour cream.

I cracked an egg into the frying pan and quickly scrambled it.  Adding the remains of the corned beef hash, I cooked it until the egg was cooked.  I added the mashed purple potato to the fry pan, flipping it over after a minute on the heat.



I took my fork to the plate, it needed something more.  Again resisting the sour cream, and bypassing my thought of salsa, I remembered the tomatoes.  I chopped one up, and added it to my plate.  Not exactly the rich creamy taste I yearned for, but a very colorful plate.


I hereby announce myself Winner of Most Unusual Breakfast Colors, in my house, for today.  Have I told you that Special K eats breakfast at work?  Every business day.

Happy Wednesday to all!

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