Where Have I Been?

There is so much going on in my head, that I haven’t gotten most of it written out until now.

First off, I have been working a lot.  Because of facts that I will spell out below, and on another post, I gave notice, and when January is over, so will my employment.

On January 5, I met with a new (to me) gastroenterologist.  So far, I have been diagnosed with immunoglobulin deficiency.  Low IgA, IgG and IgM.  This could leave me open for celiac disease, which we can discuss next.  Low white blood cells and low absolute lymphocyte count, too.  The solution is a visit to the immunologist.  Because nothing is easy, I had to go see my internist to get a referral to see the immunologist.  Actually, the referral was written and I wrote a note yesterday, playing the martyr.  I would give up the time for someone who needs it…The answer came back, “You need to come in, the doctor may have questions”.  So off I went, and really, the doctor was taking her role very seriously  she wanted to be “in” on the choices we were making.  She, Dr. A, sent me to Dr. B, who wants me to see Dr. C.  Dr. A felt out of the loop.

Do I have celiac?  She has her hunches.  I don’t care either way, as we already have a gluten free home.  It won’t change much, but she wants to know.  I will now have to eat gluten for at least a month, until my endoscopy in March.

So, between work, and doctor appointments, I have started off this year rather busy.  I expect February to be equally busy, before life calms down just a bit.

At the end of last year, I made SpecialK a yummy soup,



for the AFC championship game, I made some mozzarella sticks.


I also made a yummy white bean salad, two ways.  I looked at someone else’s recipe, and said I’ve got this.


I will return shortly, and share recipes for all three.  Go out and buy some mozzarella sticks, part skim, and have them ready.  This will be a forehead thumper, and they are that good.

What has 2017 looked like for you?


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