Low carb fried cheese sticks

Hi, I teased you in my last post, telling you that I made low carb cheese sticks.  Since the Super Bowl is happening this weekend, I thought it was about time I told you how I made them.

I followed this recipe.  Looking in our fridge, I found this container of cheese sitting there.


I had received it for free over a year ago, from a company who wanted me to try it.  Finally a use for Kraft cheese in a bottle.

I kept the rest of the first batch in the freezer, and will be cooking them up this Sunday.  Go Pats!

Of course, I used up that bottle of cheese, and next time I make them, I will follow the recipe.  Tweak the seasonings and make it your own!

SpecialK decided to oven fry them, placing 1/4″ or so of oil in a Pyrex dish, hearing the oil, then adding the cheese sticks and returning to the oven.  If your cheese is hot enough, 10-15 minutes at 425 F in the oven should be perfect.  Your oven may be better regulated than mine, so keep an eye on them.


What is your favorite football watching snack?  We will also have tortilla chips and salsa, and some potato tortillas fried for fun potato snacking.  Then, I will eat salad for the following week, to counter all of the frying.

Go Pats!


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