Procedure: Over

Happy March, 2017!

Wednesday, I was poked and prodded, biopsied, and had things done I would not have chosen to endure if I were awake.

So now that’s over, I am back to eating My Way.  Gluten Free, low carb, low fat and our new family favorites, except that our kitchen machines have all been packed.  So that great idea involving the blender?  On hold.  Anything involving our food processor, stand mixer, crockpot?  On hold.

We have 11 more nights here, then one in a hotel, before we board a plane and leave here.

Bottom line?  The move is real!  As in, large boxes filling our living room real.  As in, we may have one frying pan left unpacked, real. Still, no one loves moving!  But it is a good way to get rid of your purchasing mistakes.  Like those three pair of on-trend pants I bought three years ago?  I am now testing out Thred-Up.  I sent the first of what might be several packages to them this morning.  I will let you know my thoughts as we go forward.

Back to cleaning out.  What are your fun plans for this weekend?

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