For Peace and Harmony

While working at Sur La Table, I saw many interesting cooking tools, and some of them found their way into our home.

This egg piercer, which works similarly to a push pin, pokes a tiny hole into eggshells, keeping them from exploding in the water.

If you look carefully, you will see a pin like piece sticking out of the unit when depressed.

This was a piece that caught SpecialK’s eye, and was much safer in our kitchen drawer than a push pin would ever have  been.

There is another item kept peace and harmony in the home.  SpecialK liked his hard boiled eggs cooked for 8 minutes.  I found the yolks to be somewhat uncooked, and he determined that I preferred my eggs boiled for 12 minutes.

This was all fine and good, but we wanted to be able to make eggs that we both would eat.


Egg Perfect to the rescue.  Plop one in with the eggs and boil away.


As the water boils, the red indicator moves along.  Stopping the boil halfway between medium and hard boiled works well in this house.

Both of these items are available at Sur La Table and possibly other retailers.  I purchased both of these items of my own free will, and the was not compensated in any way for purchasing these items or sharing my opinion.

What’s in your kitchen drawer?



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