My Birthday Cake Bomb

Every year for the past few years, SpecialK and I have had the same discussion.  Should I make my own birthday cake, or does he want to buy me one?

Last year, we decided at the last minute, and SpecialK went to the gluten free bakery we had visited before, Rising Hearts.  Cakes have to be preordered, which makes sense to me.  So he bought some cupcakes and all was good.

This year, with the chaos of moving and settling in, I need to eat sugar free.  I have made this cake before, and it does not fail. The frosting is made from whipped cream cheese, XyloSweet and vanilla.  No exact measurements, but there’s still hope I might get them someday.


SpecialK decided we should go out to eat for my birthday, and declared before leaving the restaurant that he felt stuffed.

We returned home, and after awhile I heard him rustling around for something. I asked him what he was looking for, and his answer was “birthday candles”.  I told him where I thought they were, and pulled the cake out of the refrigerator.  He stuck in 4 candles.  As soon as I understand the significance of 4 candles, I’ll share it with you.


Since he had proclaimed he was full, I cut him a small piece of cake, and cut myself a piece only slightly larger.  He decided he had some room to eat and cut himself a large slice of cake.

I put the cake away.  I opened the fridge door and noticed that less than half of the cake remained.  That makes me happy, knowing that he likes it so much. (I can always make another).


This cake bomb was very good, and I get to have more for breakfast in the morning.  This is one of my birthday rituals.  Leftover cake for breakfast, and whenever else I want some, until it’s gone.  This cake bomb will be gone soon.

Do you have any Birthday rituals?


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