Sous Vide

Amazon has a special sale day in July.  It is called Prime Day.

We bit.  We had been discussing Sous Vide cooking for a while.  We bought the Anova 800 watt Bluetooth unit.

We received the unit during our crazy week. SpecialK opened the box yesterday to cook some eggs.  He was dismayed to learn that he would still need to boil them to get poached eggs.  He tried to make soft boiled eggs, and ended up making two different eggs into a fried egg breakfast.


Just to play with it, I prepared some potatoes to cook.  An hour and a half later, they were edible.  As my cousin who loves his Sous Vide unit told me,”It’s a shame that you don’t eat meat, that’s where this unit shines”.

Just as an aside, I never felt I truly knew how to cook beef, and preferred chicken when given a choice.  SpecialK feels that his meat eating days are behind him. So we eat chicken, salmon, shrimp, and lean ground beef.

I began looking up specific recipes for the Instapot.  You can poach eggs, using the silicone egg cups we already own.  We can cook a piece of salmon.  Bottom line, for us, and the way we eat, Sous Vide might not be right for us.  This winter, the Instant Pot will be used, a lot.

We returned the Sous Vide, and I highly doubt we will ever buy another.

Did you get any “finds” on Prime Day?  Do you Sous Vide?

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