Cowboy caviar, and others


This weekend, I decided to challenge myself.  I finally made the 90 second muffin.  I followed this recipe:


Of course, I substituted light olive oil for butter, and I carefully chose which dish I would use.  Still, I think I got the desired look.


I split it in half and toasted it.


Finally, I recreated the actual idea that had inspired me to finally make this.  Toasted cheese.


Success!  Until I tasted it.  I was not in love.  Well at least I gave myself the chance to try it?

Next up, I decided to make steel cut oats in the InstaPot.  Since returning the Sous Vide, and the cousin who encouraged us to buy Sous Vide bought an Instapot, we have been looking for more ways to use the Instapot.

There is a new Instapot app, that contains Volume 4 recipes.  I found a recipe that called for raisins, and after cooking, adding more raisins, maple syrup and cinnamon, I knew it was to be our breakfast.  There are no pictures, as that oatmeal is gone, consumed, finis.  SpecialK claimed he liked it, I ❤️ it, and we split up leftovers for Monday breakfast.

To make it even lower carb (aka less sugar), I have learned I like it with some cinnamon, a drop or two of vanilla, and a teaspoon of my ‘pretend’ Maple Syrup.  Maple Grove Farms, sugar free maple flavor syrup.  Still, I did add fresh blueberries and thought about toasting some walnuts.

One more success in the last few days was made specifically for SpecialK.

Food issues all have one very real side issue.  Taste.  As in, I don’t care how healthy avocados are, I don’t like them.

I got an email with a recipe for Cowboy Caviar.  I have since learned that everybody, their sister and their uncle has their own version of Cowboy Caviar.

I gave SpecialK a short shopping list, and off he went to get his car headlight replaced.  He came home with the requested groceries.



Yes, we tweaked this recipe.  No black eyed peas?  White beans to the rescue.  SpecialK prefers sweet onions to any other.  I used a sweet onion.  We had one red pepper, starting to wrinkle in it’s skin.  I chopped it up, didn’t measure how much I had, and tossed it in.  One avocado, chopped and tossed in.  No jalapeños in this house, ever.  Left it out.  I put in 1/3 if the recommended amount of chili powder, and after grinding cumin seed, I may have had a touch more than 1 teaspoon.


SpecialK had some each day this weekend.  The flavor of the chili powder came through loud and clear by the second day.  With work travel impending, the remaining amount went to work with SpecialK.  I know Marion enjoyed it, too.

We have several zucchini in the fridge, so I will be making Valentine’s Vegetables, to freeze in portions that SpecialK could take for work lunches.

What have you been making and eating?

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