Turkish Meat Sticks

Sometimes, I overestimate my memory.  I find notes written, only half the information is missing.  I expected I would remember.

I found one such note in the notes on my phone.  This was the note:

“ground beef, pistachios, caramelized onions and parsley formed into a kebab and grilled. Bonus with”

I pasted those words into Google, to see what I might have been thinking. First, I found that it is a Greek dish, Kafta.  But the recipes were not correct.  (Afterwards, I found the exact string of words in this blog.)

Curious, and remembering there was part of a package of ground beef lingering in the fridge, I decided. “Why not?”

There were no quantities listed, so I cut that in half.  A small onion, a handful of pistachios, shakes of the dried parsley bottle.  I cooked a meatball, tasted, added more parsley, salt and pepper.IMG_5695

I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and put it back in the fridge.

Last night I cooked it up.  3 burgers were made, Papa Bear Size, Mama Bear Size and Baby Bear Size.  I served Papa Bear Sized to SpecialK, and Baby Bear sized yo myself.


I asked SpecialK what he thought of this dish.  Should I keep the recipe?  He said, “Sure”.  But the real answer came when I asked him if he would like the leftovers for lunch.  “No”.  Ok, dear, I won’t be making these Turkish Meat Sticks again.

What new recipe have you tried lately?

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