Product Taste Test: Carrot Chips

When we find a new to us product that I can eat, we try them.  Imagine my surprise when SpecialK stood looking at a bag of beet chips.

Sue:  “Do you want to try them?”

SpecialK:   “No”.

Sue:  “Do you even like beets?”

SpecialK:  “No”.

So I did what I usually do, and dug through the rack, to see what else they had.  Ignoring the bags of potato chips, I came up with a bag of carrot chips.


Sue:  “Do you want to try these?”

SpecialK:  “Will you eat them, too?”

Knowing that I didn’t want to be told that I said to buy them, I answered tentatively.  “Yes, I’ll try them”.

We brought home a bag of carrot chips.  Did you know they claim there are vegetable servings in the bag?

Surprisingly, the bag was not ripped open during our ride home.  Once home, unpacked and settling in, I may (or may not) have opened the bag.  We tried them, and my first thought was that they tasted like sweet potato chips.  So I ate a few more.  They look like carrot chips, and started to taste like carrots.


What is your newest snack food?


I was not compensated or sponsored in any manner for this post.  Product selection and opinions are all my own.  We paid at the register just like everyone else.


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