Orange Chicken

Since switching my food consumption to low carb, I have a hard time thinking of how I can have some of the old school food I grew up eating.

Imagine my surprise in finding an “Orange Chicken” recipe on a local store website that I would be able to make.  (Once we bought oranges, of course.)

I don’t often plan to make dinner for more than the two of us.  In simple terms, I was not looking to make leftovers.  Since we wouldn’t eat over a pound of chicken breast, I cut the ingredients in half.

My one question on this recipe was about the ginger.  Of course fresh would be better, but I didn’t have any and used ground.  I wasn’t sure if the measurements were written for fresh.  Additionally, next time I make this, I might try chopped garlic, cooked with the chicken, instead of using dried garlic powder.

Finally, SpecialK suggested cooking the chicken in the sauce.  I might try that too.


Orange chicken, served over tri color quinoa

Original recipe can found here



Vegetarians:  Cook your favorite vegetable, instead of chicken. Broccoli might be a great substitute.

Kosher:  This dish contains no dairy!

Non-meat eaters:  see suggestions for vegetarians, above.

I have not tried this with any substitute for honey.  I am not sure how that would work, as the honey is the component that really creates this sauce.

Do you like proteins combined with fruit?


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