Farm Fresh

While at a farmers market several weeks ago, we learned of a farm that was in the same town where SpecialK works.  10 minutes from his office!

We learned that we could go to the farm to get more fruit and vegetables.  We went to visit.

Most of their products are pick your own..  SpecialK was not happy about berry picking.  Pick your own blueberries?  Yes, please and thank you!  I only picked the plumpest, dark blue berries.  The little ones, no thank you.

The raspberries were mostly golden , and a little bitter.  I decided another week of sun might help them grow a bit sweeter.

On the vegetable side, we picked tomatoes, both salad tomatoes (for SpecialK) and plum tomatoes for me.  He picked a small eggplant, and decided to try purple peppers.*

For me, he helped pull two leeks out of the ground.

We also bought a quart of peaches, so large the five peaches in that bucket did not fit in the bucket.  “Please no handling the peaches” the nice lady on the other side of the table requested.

With all of the blueberries we now had, it was time to bake.


Low carb Blueberry Cheese Danish Cake on the left, Lowcarb Blueberry Crisp on the right.

I made a blueberry crisp and blueberry cheese danish cake. Oh, yes, I did bake both of those dishes.  They were delicious, and I will make both again.


Look at the inside of this cake!  SpecialK has declared it his favorite cake, more than the lemon cupcakes, orange cake, clementine cake or chocolate cake.  This cake has now upped my cake success to 5/6.  (The carrot cake recipe we tried was not a winner.)

We went back this weekend, picked more blueberries, 4 more leeks, and these adorable cherry tomatoes.


SpecialK bought twice the number of peaches he bought the week before.

What would you bake with blueberries?


*Red peppers are SpecialK’s favorite bell peppers. I don’t like any of them.


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