Zucchini Bread

When I started eating low carb, we had zoodles frequently.  I joined that bandwagon wholeheartedly.  Then I got my bloodwork done, and I was happy.  Immediately followed by the best zucchini avoidance game since early childhood.  I couldn’t fathom eating that vegetable.

To keep up the look, I bought zucchini.  Then I made Valentine’s Vegetables for SpecialK. Several servings were frozen, for lunches at the office.

Have I mentioned SpecialK travels for business?  He’s been gone most of the past two weeks, reappearing for a week in the middle.  Before his first week of absence, I made him a zucchini bread.  He sliced it up, packed it as Elana recommended, and took it with him. After a few days of traveling, with air travel and different hotels every night, he told me the bread had fallen apart, and “by the way,  it was a tad undercooked in the middle”.

I was quick to see a solution.  Muffins!  They don’t need to be cut in advance, individually packaged as the are. That will use the last of the zucchini’s to be found here.

I made generous sized muffins, which resulted in only 11 muffins being baked.


”They’re good’ he said.  Phew!  Then he said they weren’t quite right for him.  I don’t understand…

Zucchini Muffins

Do you love zucchini? What is your favorite vegetable?


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