Woman Down, but not out.

A bit over a week ago, I had an accident.  My new car remains unscathed, as I was NOT In a car accident.  I had a problem at home.

Whilst getting my steps done comfortably early last Tuesday morning, in a home that was 72 degrees, I was exposed to 35 degree air.  As it was comfortable in our home, I felt chilled from the colder air.  Upon completion of my steps, I took a hot shower.

Woman down!  I came to on the floor of the shower.  I may have passed out again in the bathroom after the shower.

Leaving the bathroom, I saw two spots of blood on the tile floor.  When I returned to look in the mirror, it began a tumble of medical issues.

The cut, above my eye, is healing.  Every test I was given for my heart, I passed.  (The steps are working).  SpecialK has been traveling a lot this month; I have been the weekend wife.

Here’s hoping  the scar is minimal, and fades quickly.

What have you been up to?

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