Why we eat what we eat, and why I avoid coconut


Beware the inheritance of your parents!

My mother had low blood pressure. Some thyroid issues, skin cancer and other various ailments, but she ultimately passed away from dementia.

My father has had heart issues,  high blood pressure and diabetes.

I am the middle child, and medically predisposed to genetically acquire some of their ailments.

Some of those ailments are rearing their ugly heads.

I eat gluten free, as I got very sick in 2009.  I thought I would give gluten free a try, and I felt much better.  Oh, and my allergies mostly disappeared.

In 2010, I was advised to walk away from sugar.  Apparently, if I wasn’t careful, I too would be diabetic,  I wasn’t having any of that.

In 2012, SpecialK and I connected.  He originally thought he would eat gluten free to make it easier for our kitchen.  His migraines diminished in occurrence.  He decided to stick with it.

I can’t have spinach, due to its high concentration in oxalates.  I can thank Mom for my intolerance of lactose. Neither of us here eat pork.  I barely eat beef at all, sometimes lean ground beef. I mostly prefer chicken.  We also eat salmon, eggs, beans, fruit and vegetables.

We eat eggs, low fat soft dairy cheeses, and full fat hard dairy cheeses.  Having said that, we use whipped cream cheese.  The taste is better, and compared against light cream cheese nutritionally, whipped wins.

A light olive oil bottle is refilled often,  we use extra virgin olive oil on occasion, and grape seed oil for the rare times we fry.

You won’t find coconut butter, milk, flour or any part of a coconut in our kitchen.  Coconut is high in saturated fats, and I won’t be eating it.

Its time to get cooking!



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