Rent with Hertz


Sometimes, you need to rent a car.  Hertz is SpecialK’s choice, I am just the passenger.

So imagine this, you fly to an airport, meet your spouse, and go to pick up your rental car.  They are out of cars.  We wait about an hour, and they give us a Dodge, with no Bluetooth. We are heading out and see several vehicles parked in the gold section. 

Eventually, we are allowed to take one of those cars

This was after they offered us a $100 voucher for our troubles, but gave SpecialK a voucher for $1.

Have I mentioned that SpecialK rents so many cars in a year that he is in their Presidents Circle?

So we start to drive out, heading to the lines of cars waiting to go through Hertz’s Checkpoint Charlie.

Two lines of cars, we move to the shorter one.  A guy comes out of the booth, to tell us the system is down, we can’t get out.

2 hours after we first approached the Hertz area, we head out.

Did you have a good weekend?


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