Happy flying?!

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:00 am. I thought I would offer SpecialK the option of leaving home earlier, something I had pushed against previously.

He readily accepted and at 7:03, we were showered, packed land in the car. After a quick stop for gas, we headed east along the MA Pike. We were at the Framingham Logan Express bus terminal, tickets bought and car parked by 8:30 am. We hung out, waiting for the 9:00 bus.

We boarded the 9:00 Logan Express and by 9:30, we were approaching the counter, wherewe checked all but the backpacks we carried. The employee who checked our bags told us he wanted to put us on an earlier flight. There was rain in the area, and he didn’t want us to be delayed, so we accepted. We took the 11:11 flight to Philadelphia, arriving by 12:30. Then, the long day began.

Our flight out was scheduled for 4:30. By the time we landed in Philadelphia, we had already been informed of a 2 hour delay. I will save you all the minutiae, but at 7:15, SpecialK sent me a text to come up to the gate. I went up to the gate, listened as they said they were golf loing to pre board and one wheelchair passenger went down the runway.

It was a while before the other wheelchair passenger was loaded onto the plane. Finally, we all boarded the plane. After all passengers were seated, the pilot told us that he had no intention of taking us on a 9 hour flight with no flushing toilets. He asked us all to deplane.

We got off the plane, and an hour later we were notified the flight was cancelled. We were quick to respond and were given two of the last available seats for Sunday nights flight.

We waited another e stwo hours for our bags, because you know, they had other flights arriving and couldn’t do two things at once.

I apreciated the pilots words, and thank him as we all know hygiene is important. I also want to thank Oliver, as he made the best of a long day, and he appreciated my political hiumor.

Sunday found us waking up in a Philadelphia hotel. I was determined to complete my steps before I boarded another airplane. As we waited for the hotel shuttle bus that would take us to the airport, we were notified of a delay in our newly scheduled flight. Before you jump to conclusions, we finally did take off Sunday night at 5:42.

How is your week going?

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