Side Dish


I never go anywhere empty handed.  That includes Thanksgiving, where I spared the hosts daughter the noise of cutting up butternut squash, and made it my way.

I still had the task of peeling, chopping, and cutting the butternut squash.  Then, into the food processor it went, to be shredded.


Because this was for Thanksgiving, there was not one squash being prepared, but 3.  Loaded into a pan we could share, it was ready to be treated to the goodness I add.


I sprinkled with light olive oil, dusted with a good coating of cinnamon, and added parmigiana cheese.  How much is up to you.  Then, mix well.

Baked, it darkens in color, but some of that change is cinnamon.

I baked at 375, approx 45 minutes.

My Mom always made mashed butternut.  I totally can’t eat it that way now.


What is your favorite way to make butternut squash?


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