Valentines Day 2019

True to form, this Valentines Day I made SpecialK a new dish.

This year, it was salmon.  He is on a revised eating plan, so it can get tough to match my low carb with his need to reduce fats.

I made a maple syrup and soy sauce combination, wit a bit of water.  SpecialK said it was good, next tine leave out the water.  Once I find the recipe again, I will post it here.

I cooked the Brussels sprouts in the same pan. 1ADF01E4-C1AE-4D2B-BB6B-B8468AEB072E

For dessert, I made buckwheat crepes.  I took some Trader Joe’s frozen strawberries, sweetened them with a tsp of the magic sweetener, placed them on top of the crepes, and handed Special K a can of fat free whipped cream.  Picture will be added soon.


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