What I ate for breakfast

When I was younger, I went to an overnight camp, where they had us write home 3 times a week. Since I started at that camp at age 9, sometimes content would be hard to come by.

My Mom figured she would solve that for us; she told us to tell her what we had for breakfast.

Dear Mom,

Today I had a buckwheat crepe, with 1/4 C part skim ricotta cheese and a cup of blueberries.  A teaspoon of maple syrup sweetened the meal.



My Mom would have loved this detail.  Unfortunately, my Mom is gone, and my ability to include details has been greatly enhanced through the years.

Now, I will share with you that I heat up the crepe.  A small frypan does the honors, no oil necessary.  I smash the ricotta down with the bottom of the 1/4 measuring cup I use to measure the ricotta.  I rinse off a cup of blueberries, then I put them in the pan too.


I add a teaspoon of maple syrup once the meal is on. A plate.  Don’t bother trying more maple syrup, it wil see through the crepe and line the dish underneath.



This is the recipe I found, which delighted me in its simplicity: https://bit.ly/2YvoG72

This is the buckwheat flour I bought:  https://amzn.to/2HGVEwd

Does that look yummy to you?


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