Why I will never buy another cookbook



In a simple term, the internet.  But more importantly, as we age, our diets become more restrictive.

SpecialK had to go see a nutritionist.  All those fats the he wanted to consume?  No.  Sugar is a no for me. We both eat gluten free. I have been eating gluten free for a decade!

Coconut is high in saturated fats.  No, for both of us. The list goes on.

From any cookbook out there, there will be one or two that have recipes I might make. The price per recipe is prohibitive!

So, how do I find new ideas for us?  My Pinterest boards overflow. I look at recipes every day, on Facebook, by email, on Pinterest some days.

So of you want to see what might be next on our plates, Pinterest is my cookbook of “things to try”.  When I find something online that we like, I print it off and add it to my binder.

What’s  your latest culinary fix?


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