Summer, 2019

Kids are heading back to school.  Does that mean summer is over?

A friend told me yesterday, that it is dark at 8:15 pm.  To her, that means summer is over.

I know that summer isn’t over until September.  Living in New England, when temperatures drop from the 90’s into the 60’s, that’s when I feel summer is over.

Our summer was filled with travel. Weddings, trips, busy.

The first event for this summer, the first weekend in June, was the marriage of SpecialK’s son. Aren’t they a good looking couple?


Next up was July’s adventure.  We left home on July 4th and headed to Boston.  Early the next morning, SpecialK’s son dropped off his sons ( aka “The Grandsons”).

We headed west with these two lads, only stopping once we got to AZ.


After a week full of non stop activities, we returned these two to their parents.

We returned home, for 2 1/2 weeks, before heading out again.

The first weekend in August found us traveling again, this time to CO. We went west again for SpecialK’s nephews wedding, Here’s a picture of us with the newlyweds.


I am happily home, and expect to stay here for a while.  ‘Til our next journey!

Which trip would you like to have joined us?

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