Sewing Days

After spending big money for alterations, repeatedly, I finally decided I needed to learn how to sew.  I sat down yesterday, in front of the appropriate machine, and with my nerves floating around everywhere, I completed my first sewing project.

I had a houseguest Monday night.  She noticed the large trashbags that SpecialK had unceremoniously dumped on our bedroom floor.  Contents of the trashbags were gifted to me by a very nice lady who was cleaning out her sewing room.  I gave my guest her choice of materials, and while she was picking out her favorites, I asked her for a first and second choice.

I advised my houseguest that I was growing a list of projects, and that the first thing that I was going to do was make a bookmark from an appropriate sized piece of material.

When it was time to sit and sew, the piece of material that was to become a bookmark was no where to be seen.  So I made an instant decision, and made a hair scrunchie for said guest.  Then I sat down, and made another.

The angle of the pictures are different, but in truth, the white lace one on the right, is larger.  No concerns, Rachel needs a large hair scrunchie, for her thick hair.

Do you sew?  What are some of your favorite things to sew?

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