Jack Sprat

‘Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.’

So said the nursery rhyme.  SpecialK’s nutritionist limited his intake of saturated fats and cholesterol.  My nutritionist limited my saturated fats and sugar intake.

I get the privilege of eating the remaining dairy, as I was told not to eat dairy free.

What are we eating?  I made chicken and white bean soup, and after SpecialK’s appointment, I made a mushroom bean soup.  The best part, they were tasty.  The worst part?  The puns.

One day at a time, just like every other part of life.

Which foods are part of your winter eats?


Chicken White Bean Soup, in the Instapot

I love to read other people’s recipes.  Then I make said recipe, using what I have and like.

I was alone here for the first weekend of January.  I decided to try this soup, and I am so glad I did!

I sliced up an onion (we only have sweet onions here).  I minced a garlic clove.  I set the Instant Pot for Saute, and added some light olive oil. I ‘dumped’ the onions and garlic in the Instant Pot.  I cooked them until the onions were golden brown.  I put the whole chicken breast in, and turned it to make sure both sides were well cooked.  I added 4 cups of water and 2 Tablespoons plus one teaspoon of Better Than Bouillon Chicken base, and added some dried basil and dried parsley.  A whole bag of Trader Joe’s Mushroom Medley joined the party.  Placing the cover on, I set to cook for 5 minutes, high pressure.

While that was heating, I drained and rinsed a can of white canellini beans.  When the chicken was cooked, I took the chicken out and put the beans in the pot.

Other people’s recipes called for shredding the chicken.  SpecialK doesn’t like shredded chicken so I cut the chicken into cubes.

The chicken was barely pink in the middle, so I tossed the cubes back in the pot.  Mingling in the piping hot broth cured the chicken of any pink-ness.


I ladled up a bowl, and it was so good!  To confuse the issue, I added a spoonful of light sour cream.  Oh yeah, dinner was served.


What’s your favorite soup?

For Kosher, use kosher chicken stock and leave out sour cream.

For vegetarian, use the Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base, omit chicken and add another can of beans.

For all others, customize to your tastes!

Cranberry Beans, aka Shell Beans

I love cranberry beans!  I first found them at The Boys, in Delray Beach, FL.  Imagine my surprise finding them at Russo’s in Waltham, MA as shell beans!  I knew what I was looking at, and did some research to learn their alias’.

I am only sorry I bought less than a half pound!  At $.99/lb, I spent all of $.44.  This is just a small representation.


Easy to shell, it was quick work for my bounty.


I started by frying some shallots in olive oil, then added the beans and some stock.


You probably noticed that the stripes disappeared once cooked.

I added some brown rice, and had a fabulous meal.


All warmed together.


So yummy!  Now to find a farm stand near me….

Does anyone of a Western MA farm stand I could get to?



Another beginning

0B730F4C-1B6A-4C2D-BC45-925C4B40A392Today is the last day of 2018.  Tomorrow will be the first day of 2019.

What did you learn this year?  What do you hope to learn next year?

Whatever you decide, I am glad you are here.  More new ideas coming soon, once we return home, and I stay there for a whole month!

Happy Holidays

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Winter has arrived and along with it, the desire for warmth.

Gingerbread is a flavor of the season, and being low carb is no excuse.

I made this recipe, using a biscuit cutter because there are no actual children here. SpecialK does that care about the shape of the cookies.

This is the recipe I used.  Modern day gingerbread faces?  For the first time since eating low carb, I made cookies that were crisp.  SpecialK especially liked the thinner ones, maybe next time he will help roll them?


Whatever you do to celebrate, I hope it’s a happy time.  May 2019 bring us all the best of ourselves.


Side Dish


I never go anywhere empty handed.  That includes Thanksgiving, where I spared the hosts daughter the noise of cutting up butternut squash, and made it my way.

I still had the task of peeling, chopping, and cutting the butternut squash.  Then, into the food processor it went, to be shredded.


Because this was for Thanksgiving, there was not one squash being prepared, but 3.  Loaded into a pan we could share, it was ready to be treated to the goodness I add.


I sprinkled with light olive oil, dusted with a good coating of cinnamon, and added parmigiana cheese.  How much is up to you.  Then, mix well.

Baked, it darkens in color, but some of that change is cinnamon.

I baked at 375, approx 45 minutes.

My Mom always made mashed butternut.  I totally can’t eat it that way now.


What is your favorite way to make butternut squash?


Cofree drinker alert!

I have been caffeine free for over half my life.  Imagine my surprise when I was told coffee, with caffeine, was a healthy choice!

Of course that most used word was evident:  in moderation.

So now, I have a cup of coffee in the morning. ✅

I have learned that coffee must be drunk by 10:00 am, or I won’t fall asleep easily that night.

What do I add to my cuppa?  I add a small teaspoon of baking cocoa powder and a teaspoon of maple sugar.  I top it off with some Fairfield Skim Milk.

What do you add to your cuppa?



Happy flying?!

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:00 am. I thought I would offer SpecialK the option of leaving home earlier, something I had pushed against previously.

He readily accepted and at 7:03, we were showered, packed land in the car. After a quick stop for gas, we headed east along the MA Pike. We were at the Framingham Logan Express bus terminal, tickets bought and car parked by 8:30 am. We hung out, waiting for the 9:00 bus.

We boarded the 9:00 Logan Express and by 9:30, we were approaching the counter, wherewe checked all but the backpacks we carried. The employee who checked our bags told us he wanted to put us on an earlier flight. There was rain in the area, and he didn’t want us to be delayed, so we accepted. We took the 11:11 flight to Philadelphia, arriving by 12:30. Then, the long day began.

Our flight out was scheduled for 4:30. By the time we landed in Philadelphia, we had already been informed of a 2 hour delay. I will save you all the minutiae, but at 7:15, SpecialK sent me a text to come up to the gate. I went up to the gate, listened as they said they were golf loing to pre board and one wheelchair passenger went down the runway.

It was a while before the other wheelchair passenger was loaded onto the plane. Finally, we all boarded the plane. After all passengers were seated, the pilot told us that he had no intention of taking us on a 9 hour flight with no flushing toilets. He asked us all to deplane.

We got off the plane, and an hour later we were notified the flight was cancelled. We were quick to respond and were given two of the last available seats for Sunday nights flight.

We waited another e stwo hours for our bags, because you know, they had other flights arriving and couldn’t do two things at once.

I apreciated the pilots words, and thank him as we all know hygiene is important. I also want to thank Oliver, as he made the best of a long day, and he appreciated my political hiumor.

Sunday found us waking up in a Philadelphia hotel. I was determined to complete my steps before I boarded another airplane. As we waited for the hotel shuttle bus that would take us to the airport, we were notified of a delay in our newly scheduled flight. Before you jump to conclusions, we finally did take off Sunday night at 5:42.

How is your week going?