Moving Day

Today’s the Day.  It’s “Let’s Move Across the Country, Again, Day”.

Yesterday, three guys from the moving company came and boxed up all of our fragile pieces.  Today, three different guys came and are loading our belongings into a truck.  We learned this morning that we will be the last loaded, so ours will be the first delivery for this truck.

When they came into our home, the first thing they did was roll red carpets done our hallway, to protect the carpet underneath.  We live only a few miles from Hollywood, it seems only fitting.

Tonight, we sleep on a plane, or not. Tomorrow, we exit that flying tin can, and begin the next chapter of our lives.

I often post sunset shots on Facebook, so this is what that shot looks like in day light.


So off we go, have a great rest of the week and I will be back online soon.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

All our boxes are packed and it’s time to go,

I’m standing here in our almost not home,

I hate to tell you this, but they’re talking of snow.

I have known the song Leaving On  a Jet Plane by Simon and Garfunkel since I was 9.  If the shoe fits, I will wear it.

SpecialK has been our master packer.  Today is his last day in the role, then the professionals will take over.  We packed the non fragile stuff, they will pack the fragile stuff.  On Wednesday , they load the truck, and that night we board a plane.  We wake up Thursday morning on the “right” coast.  When our belongings arrive, I will become the ‘master unpacker’.

We will miss Kate and Devin, and Sprouts.  At least Kate and Devin will fly east to visit, but I dare you Sprouts!

The weather, although crazier than a $3 bill, has been interesting, and mostly warm.  The traffic jams, they’re a hot mess.  The facade of Hollywood is real.

In 60 hours, our time here comes to an end.  We are still Two From Natick, and we are heading back somewhere where people will understand that.

Next stop, an extended stay hotel.  See you there?

Procedure: Over

Happy March, 2017!

Wednesday, I was poked and prodded, biopsied, and had things done I would not have chosen to endure if I were awake.

So now that’s over, I am back to eating My Way.  Gluten Free, low carb, low fat and our new family favorites, except that our kitchen machines have all been packed.  So that great idea involving the blender?  On hold.  Anything involving our food processor, stand mixer, crockpot?  On hold.

We have 11 more nights here, then one in a hotel, before we board a plane and leave here.

Bottom line?  The move is real!  As in, large boxes filling our living room real.  As in, we may have one frying pan left unpacked, real. Still, no one loves moving!  But it is a good way to get rid of your purchasing mistakes.  Like those three pair of on-trend pants I bought three years ago?  I am now testing out Thred-Up.  I sent the first of what might be several packages to them this morning.  I will let you know my thoughts as we go forward.

Back to cleaning out.  What are your fun plans for this weekend?

Selling our…

Two from Natick is on the move! SpecialK is changing employers, so back to our roots we go. New England here we come!

SpecialK is there this week, and on top of conducting business, he will also be on the search for our next home.

All of our books are being piled up to be boxed, including my cookbooks and recipe binders. Pinterest will be my source for any new recipes. As our home devolves back to a rental apartment, it makes the move feel more real.

I have sold some of our furnishings 3 days running, and there are still more to go.  It helps me feel productive, as I sit here alone this week.  29 days to go, and yes Stacy, I am counting.

What’s keeping you busy these days?


Super Bowl Sunday

The game starts soon, and here at Casa D’SpecialK we are ready.  Seating is known, I have walked my minimum of 10,000 steps today, and food is prepared.

I made some batter last week, made some non news worthy bagels.  The batter could stay in the fridge for up to 10 days, so I decided to make some pretzel bites with the remainder.

They are not especially pretty, but they are great tasting.  SpecialK liked them with some mustard.


Also on deck, more fried cheese.


Finally, I honored SpecialK’s request for Sloppy Joe Chili.  I cooked up some ground beef with a chopped onion, added a can of pinto beans, and a can of Heinz Sloppy Joe Sauce.


We found this at a local dollar store, liked it and bought 6 more cans.  As we have been cleaning out our pantry, we are trying to use up items that have been here for a while.

May I present to you, Sloppy Joe Chili?


I’d say we have some good eats here today, and of course the requisite tortilla chips and salsa are here.  Chips and salsa will be served if we can eat one more bite.  Eat today and diet tomorrow?



Low carb fried cheese sticks

Hi, I teased you in my last post, telling you that I made low carb cheese sticks.  Since the Super Bowl is happening this weekend, I thought it was about time I told you how I made them.

I followed this recipe.  Looking in our fridge, I found this container of cheese sitting there.


I had received it for free over a year ago, from a company who wanted me to try it.  Finally a use for Kraft cheese in a bottle.

I kept the rest of the first batch in the freezer, and will be cooking them up this Sunday.  Go Pats!

Of course, I used up that bottle of cheese, and next time I make them, I will follow the recipe.  Tweak the seasonings and make it your own!

SpecialK decided to oven fry them, placing 1/4″ or so of oil in a Pyrex dish, hearing the oil, then adding the cheese sticks and returning to the oven.  If your cheese is hot enough, 10-15 minutes at 425 F in the oven should be perfect.  Your oven may be better regulated than mine, so keep an eye on them.


What is your favorite football watching snack?  We will also have tortilla chips and salsa, and some potato tortillas fried for fun potato snacking.  Then, I will eat salad for the following week, to counter all of the frying.

Go Pats!

Where Have I Been?

There is so much going on in my head, that I haven’t gotten most of it written out until now.

First off, I have been working a lot.  Because of facts that I will spell out below, and on another post, I gave notice, and when January is over, so will my employment.

On January 5, I met with a new (to me) gastroenterologist.  So far, I have been diagnosed with immunoglobulin deficiency.  Low IgA, IgG and IgM.  This could leave me open for celiac disease, which we can discuss next.  Low white blood cells and low absolute lymphocyte count, too.  The solution is a visit to the immunologist.  Because nothing is easy, I had to go see my internist to get a referral to see the immunologist.  Actually, the referral was written and I wrote a note yesterday, playing the martyr.  I would give up the time for someone who needs it…The answer came back, “You need to come in, the doctor may have questions”.  So off I went, and really, the doctor was taking her role very seriously  she wanted to be “in” on the choices we were making.  She, Dr. A, sent me to Dr. B, who wants me to see Dr. C.  Dr. A felt out of the loop.

Do I have celiac?  She has her hunches.  I don’t care either way, as we already have a gluten free home.  It won’t change much, but she wants to know.  I will now have to eat gluten for at least a month, until my endoscopy in March.

So, between work, and doctor appointments, I have started off this year rather busy.  I expect February to be equally busy, before life calms down just a bit.

At the end of last year, I made SpecialK a yummy soup,



for the AFC championship game, I made some mozzarella sticks.


I also made a yummy white bean salad, two ways.  I looked at someone else’s recipe, and said I’ve got this.


I will return shortly, and share recipes for all three.  Go out and buy some mozzarella sticks, part skim, and have them ready.  This will be a forehead thumper, and they are that good.

What has 2017 looked like for you?


Happy New Year

The curtain is falling on 2016, and in a few more hours, it will be gone.  There were highs, lows, and all sorts of  in-between days.  Tomorrow’s sunrise will be the first of 2017

I wish for all a happy 2017, and fun times welcoming it, and ushering it out this time next year.  I wish for all healthy days in 2017, for all of us.

Happy New Year, 2017!



New Tools


I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I have quadrupled my hours at work (tells you how much free time I had before) so life got a bit busy.

A story I would like to share with you.  One of the new items we got this year was a new mandoline. SpecialK used it first, and cut himself.  When I first used this one, I cut my finger and my fingernail.  I found this glove,

and wore it while cutting vegetables for SpecialK’s favorite dish.  I make this for him frequently.  Actually, I make it for him any time there is a zucchini that needs to be used.

I noticed the glove caught on the mandoline several times, never snagging.  My fingers remained attached to my hand, and there was no need to stock up further in Band-Aids.

This glove was a happy thing to find.  What new things have you found or discovered that make your days easier?

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2017!

InstaPot on Sale

Remember a few weeks ago, around Thanksgiving, when I shared that we bought an Instapot?  We got the 6 quart 6-in-1, but now the 6 quart 7-in-1 is on sale.

What is the extra feature?  You can also make yogurt in this one!

No one ever knows how long an InstaPot stays on sale at Amazon, but $79 is a fair price for this model.

If you have been wanting one, now is the time.  Order here, it helps me out at no extra cost to you.

Happy Mid December to all!