When Special K travels

SpecialK travels for work, sometimes frequently.

i don’t tend to cook a lot when he travels, so meals often look like this:


I had invited a friend to join me for dinner one night while alone.  She cancelled, which left me with a piece of chicken defrosting in the fridge.

i invited her again a few days later.  In a way, I think I knew she would cancel again.  I brined the chicken, but didn’t marinate it.  I made the croutons for our chicken Caesar salad, but I didn’t wash the salad.  Dessert had not been made.

She did cancel again, leaving me with a piece of chicken to cook.  I learned I love it when coated in flour, so I cut the chicken up, tossed it in a 1/4 cup of flour, and pan fried it.  I then added some chicken stock, and the juice and zest of lemon.  Salt and pepper to season it, and I was rather impressed.


i ate 1/2 of it last night, and the rest of it earlier today.    SpecialK will return later tonight, and I will make soup tomorrow.

What do you make to eat in bone chilling weather?



Goodbye 2017

2017 is departing, as we wait for 2018 to arrive.

The good, the bad, the happy, the sad; all of the accomplishments and progress made are now just memories.

One thing I completely stole, with the authors permission, thanks, Clare!  I no longer make resolutions.  No promises of working out (I already do!), no promises of eating better (we struggle, but we try!).  No resolutions whatsoever!

What will I do to instead of making resolutions?  I will state my intentions!

I intend to attempt to be more organized.  Efforts have already been made.

I intend to try harder at eating better.

I intend to be the best version of me I can muster.

I saw the following posted, and wanted to share it with you.



What are your intentions for 2018?

Happy Holidays!


Now that I have stopped working for the year, I have time.  Time to do whatever I want.

Whether you finished celebrating your holiday, are just about to, or it is coming soon, please accept my very best wishes for a very Happy Holiday!

Many new things will be appearing here soon, so stay tuned.

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  If you live outside the US, Happy November 23!

I have been working very hard, basically non-stop for the past few weeks.  I am a substitute teacher in the local school system, and wow, it’s nice to have a day off.

Things I am greatful for this year:

SpecialK – the man I married.  ‘Nuff said?

I am grateful that cousin Jan found out what has been so painful this year.  Now let’s get her well.

I am grateful that I am able to work, and that the people have been so kind.

I am grateful for all the basics of life, and that I haven’t lost sight of what they are, for me.

What are you grateful for this year?59BE4881-9966-4C85-9769-8C168462F480

Birthday Cake

Tomorrow will be a) very cold and b) SpecialK’s Birthday.

I offered him a choice of cakes, and he decided I should use the Aldi cake mixes he bought.  I consulted with my gluten free baking consultant, and followed his recommendation to add sour cream to the batter.

I spread reduced sugar Strawberry Jam between the layers, frosted the cake with a hot cocoa frosting from Dollop.

I added some candy sequins on top, because it’s a birthday cake.  SpecialK may not celebrate his birthday, but he eats cake.

Happy Birthday to my husband, and have a piece of cake.



How do you celebrate birthdays in your home?

Woman Down, but not out.

A bit over a week ago, I had an accident.  My new car remains unscathed, as I was NOT In a car accident.  I had a problem at home.

Whilst getting my steps done comfortably early last Tuesday morning, in a home that was 72 degrees, I was exposed to 35 degree air.  As it was comfortable in our home, I felt chilled from the colder air.  Upon completion of my steps, I took a hot shower.

Woman down!  I came to on the floor of the shower.  I may have passed out again in the bathroom after the shower.

Leaving the bathroom, I saw two spots of blood on the tile floor.  When I returned to look in the mirror, it began a tumble of medical issues.

The cut, above my eye, is healing.  Every test I was given for my heart, I passed.  (The steps are working).  SpecialK has been traveling a lot this month; I have been the weekend wife.

Here’s hoping  the scar is minimal, and fades quickly.

What have you been up to?

Salad Dressing

We have so so many choices for what to put on a vegetable salad.  I have been advised to make my own salad dressings, which I have done.  For example I have made my own balsamic dressing, and foresee that I will again in the future.

Living with SpecialK changes some of my options.  He would rather have me purchase than make some things, and salad dressing is mostly on that list.

In an ongoing effort to maintain a harmonious marriage, we have compromised, and bought dressings that seem to be healthy. Until today, when that ideal was shattered by an email from VeryWell.

The dressings that we use are made by Wishbone.


My point of concern was that the VeryWell article was strongly suggesting that we limit our choices to those that have less than (or equal to) 250 mg of sodium.  These bottles each have 350 mg of sodium.


As I set the bottles up to take this picture, I realized that only the Caesar is made with EVOO.  Sadness reigns, as I begin to realize I will be making salad dressings after all.

Your favorite salad dressing?

Product Taste Test: Carrot Chips

When we find a new to us product that I can eat, we try them.  Imagine my surprise when SpecialK stood looking at a bag of beet chips.

Sue:  “Do you want to try them?”

SpecialK:   “No”.

Sue:  “Do you even like beets?”

SpecialK:  “No”.

So I did what I usually do, and dug through the rack, to see what else they had.  Ignoring the bags of potato chips, I came up with a bag of carrot chips.


Sue:  “Do you want to try these?”

SpecialK:  “Will you eat them, too?”

Knowing that I didn’t want to be told that I said to buy them, I answered tentatively.  “Yes, I’ll try them”.

We brought home a bag of carrot chips.  Did you know they claim there are vegetable servings in the bag?

Surprisingly, the bag was not ripped open during our ride home.  Once home, unpacked and settling in, I may (or may not) have opened the bag.  We tried them, and my first thought was that they tasted like sweet potato chips.  So I ate a few more.  They look like carrot chips, and started to taste like carrots.


What is your newest snack food?


I was not compensated or sponsored in any manner for this post.  Product selection and opinions are all my own.  We paid at the register just like everyone else.

A crazy week

Hi, how are you?

Good?  Me?  I am limping through the days, life is calming down,

It began 15 days ago.  10:00 in the morning, my Aunt called, told me her grandson, who had been very ill, had passed away.

(That afternoon, my tenant told me she was leaving, in case you need a 2 bed, 2 bath condo).

i was stunned, perhaps in shock.  I got through Monday and Tuesday, and early Wednesday we boarded a plane to Chicago.  I booked the ticket on Sunday night, and Monday morning, SpecialK called and told me he was taking that flight with me, then connecting west.

We set our alarms for 4:45 am and left for the airport less than an hour later.  We boarded the plane at 7:00 am. Departure time of 7:35.  We took off at 7:30, and landed at 6:00 pm in Chicago.

If you are a friend of mine on FB, you know what happened that day.  If not, just know there were several FAA rules bent, pushed and extended that day.

I went to the funeral on Thursday, and tears are in my eyes as I type this.  He was 15.  Perhaps in sympathy, my left ankle began to hurt.

I returned home on Friday, no delays, and at 7:00 the next morning, we drove to Cape Cod.  We spent two days with friends, before heading home.

i spent the next few days sitting down, before going to Urgent Care for my ankle pain.  X-rays showed several issues, nothing broken, and 4 days later I am in much less pain.  Drinking the Kool-Aid and wearing the sling as directed (not an actual sling).

We went to the Gluten Free/Allergy Friendly Expo in Worcester last Saturday.  It took me until today to realize who wasn’t there, but we got some New England products, some bread, and rolls, SpecialK got cookies, and we paid less to enter than we had in CA.  He told me early Saturday that he doesn’t get anything from these Expos.  I reminded him of Breton Gluten Free, that he got pre full market release.  I reminded him of the pita bread he found last year.

So asked if he got his money’s worth from this Expo, he said yes.  Score!  I will be adding this event to my calendar yearly.

IMG_1526How are Udi’s and Earth Balance sister companies?

What have you been doing?



Memorial Day Weekend Shoping

This weekend, I got to meet a former coworker/ friend of SpecialK’s.  Since he offered to drive her up to meet her family in MA, we decided to go to the shopping outlets.

I warned him that this was not the right time to go shopping.  I had enough summer clothes, but will absolutely need some winter clothes.

He had his mind set, so off we went.  He shopped, I shopped.  We shopped until SpecialK was ready to drop.

What did you do on this long weekend?