We said our goodbyes

This year has not been an easy one at Casa de SpecialK.

In February, we said goodbye to SpecialK’s cousin, someone I had known from summer camp.

Mid February, we said goodbye to SpecialK’s Dad.

End of April, we said goodbye to my father.

In less than 3 months, we, SpecialK and I, both became orphans.

At a recent doctors appointment, the doctor felt the need to remind me to eat.

Going forward, Y’all best take care of yourselves.  Just saying… Love to all.


Why I am back to eating gluten free

84A7EA03-A4BE-44D4-86D7-97EDB1F25DBCIt’s not so bad.  My nutritionist, seeing how my blood work came back, asked me to return to eating gluten free.

I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  While it is a bit limiting, I know she has my best in her intentions.

I returned to gluten free a week and a half ago. Since then, my dryness issues resolved and I lost the three pounds of bloat I carry from eating wheat.

SpecialK has been very gracious to me about the money spent buying things that I then gave away.

I returned to stores what I could and our household is now strictly gluten free again.

Life goes forward.

What are you up to this weekend?

The world is turning..

I went to visit my father last week, and since, I was in S FL, I had an appointment with my nutritionist.

We talked about my personal health history, what I do and don’t eat, and how much I work out.

I feared she would take dairy off my plate, but she didn’t.  I can have one meal a day of dairy per day.

The most surprising part of this visit, she asked me to return to gluten free.  I previously claimed that eating gluten free eliminated my allergies.  I have been struggling with a few allergen concerns, so I get to see if they disappear.

Our cleaning lady went home today with bags full of all the gluten I had here.  I told her it was Christmas.

SpecialK got a case of gf gefilte fish, so I will have some of that.

What’s new with you?

No more cookbooks

Why will I never buy a cookbook?

There are so many recipes including ingredients I/We will never consume.

No coconut anything.

Too much sugar.

No fatty cuts of meat/seafood/poultry.

Vegetables one or both of us won’t eat.

The list goes on.  I came to this realization in a secondhand store,  where books were 10/$1.

My Pinterest boards are overflowing,  so it’s not that I will never make a new-to-us recipe.   Stay tuned,  that may happen soon.

What’s your favorite cookbook!?


No more sugar

Hello everyone.

I have shared with very few people about my one per year Cadbury egg. Now,  I broke up with Cadbury.

It was time to take my sugar restrictions seriously. Previously,  I would be sugar free for 3 months,  then indulge for three months.   I was warned about doing this year’s ago, and I am finally taking it seriously.

Goodbye to you my trusted friend.



What I ate for breakfast

When I was younger, I went to an overnight camp, where they had us write home 3 times a week. Since I started at that camp at age 9, sometimes content would be hard to come by.

My Mom figured she would solve that for us; she told us to tell her what we had for breakfast.

Dear Mom,

Today I had a buckwheat crepe, with 1/4 C part skim ricotta cheese and a cup of blueberries.  A teaspoon of maple syrup sweetened the meal.



My Mom would have loved this detail.  Unfortunately, my Mom is gone, and my ability to include details has been greatly enhanced through the years.

Now, I will share with you that I heat up the crepe.  A small frypan does the honors, no oil necessary.  I smash the ricotta down with the bottom of the 1/4 measuring cup I use to measure the ricotta.  I rinse off a cup of blueberries, then I put them in the pan too.


I add a teaspoon of maple syrup once the meal is on. A plate.  Don’t bother trying more maple syrup, it wil see through the crepe and line the dish underneath.



This is the recipe I found, which delighted me in its simplicity: https://bit.ly/2YvoG72

This is the buckwheat flour I bought:  https://amzn.to/2HGVEwd

Does that look yummy to you?


Jack Sprat

‘Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.’

So said the nursery rhyme.  SpecialK’s nutritionist limited his intake of saturated fats and cholesterol.  My nutritionist limited my saturated fats and sugar intake.

I get the privilege of eating the remaining dairy, as I was told not to eat dairy free.

What are we eating?  I made chicken and white bean soup, and after SpecialK’s appointment, I made a mushroom bean soup.  The best part, they were tasty.  The worst part?  The puns.

One day at a time, just like every other part of life.

Which foods are part of your winter eats?

Another beginning

0B730F4C-1B6A-4C2D-BC45-925C4B40A392Today is the last day of 2018.  Tomorrow will be the first day of 2019.

What did you learn this year?  What do you hope to learn next year?

Whatever you decide, I am glad you are here.  More new ideas coming soon, once we return home, and I stay there for a whole month!

Every 3 weeks

I told people that when I married SpecialK, I knew my life would be crazy, but I never anticipated this level of crazy.

We are traveling every 3 weeks this fall.

In August we flew to Chicago to say goodbye to Aunt Roz.  She passed away as we were driving home from the airport.  I am so happy we got to say goodbye, and tell her we loved her one more time.

In September we flew to FL, east coast.  My father moved, and I was offered my choice of what he had left behind.

Now it is October, and we are off on a vacation.  After we come back, we have 3 weeks before we fly to the West coast of FL, where I am accompanying SpecialK for a conference.

I am off to pack my bags, and get ready for more flight time.

Where do you go for vacation?

In Memoriam: Our trip to Chicago

Early Saturday morning, we headed to the airport.  We were flying to Chicago, with plans with friends and family.

We landed on time Saturday morning and headed directly to our hotel.  Our first plans were at 1:00.  SpecialK’s aunt, who lived in Chicago, had recently been diagnosed with leukemia.  She had to have transfusions, to keep her alive.

SpecialK’s youngest brother (a nurse)  had been visiting his aunt, and had decided to stay with her, once the diagnosis had been made.

Roz was doing this on her own terms.  She took transfusions long enough to get all of her affairs in order.  She had her last transfusion last Tuesday.

We had lunch with her and SpecialK’s brother.  She was in good spirits, ate lunch, and we had a nice visit with her.  She had welcomed me into the family with open arms before we got married.

After leaving her, we went back to the hotel, and got ready for our dinner plans with Owen (age 3) and his parents.  Speaking for myself, a good time was had by all.

On Sunday, we walked around the loop, and wandered through the parks.  We found the bean, and played an 18 round game of mini golf.

Monday morning, I messaged SpecialK’s brother, and inquired as to the aunts comfort and his own comfort.  He shared with me that the aunt was resting comfortably in bed on Monday, pain free.

Our next plan was brunch, with my cousins.  Lisa and I grew up together, and Jeff (and Tracy) grew up in the Midwest.  A good time was had by all.

After brunch, we debated what we would do until it was time to go to the airport.  We had talked about taking an earlier flight home, but due to the storms, we were satisfied when we found out that earlier flight had been cancelled.

We ended up hitting up an outlet mall, mere miles from the airport.  A few new pieces for each of us, and we headed to the airport.

With all the road flooding, it took quite a while for us to get to the airport, but we finally landed there 2 hours before our 7:01 pm departure.

7:01 departure became 9:30, became 10:15, became 11:20.  We landed approx 2:15 am, and got home at approx 2:45 am.  SpecialK went right to sleep; it took me about an hour.

I awoke at 7:30 his morning, and saw a message that had come in during the night.  SpecialK’s aunt passed away in her sleep, while we were driving home.

She did it her way, and was ready to go.  I respect that about her, and hope I have the same opportunity for myself.

Goodbye, Roz, you will be missed.